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Thai Lemongrass Chicken 1.5lb

Thai Lemongrass Chicken 1.5lb

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What You Get:

  • Experience the bold flavour of Thai cooking with our authentic Lemongrass Chicken! A perfect combination of zesty lemongrass and spice, our freshly frozen entrée brings the best of Thai cuisine straight to your table. Enjoy the great taste of Thai in the comfort of your home!

  • 1.5 lbs per bag

Heating Instructions:

  • Oven: Transfer contents from the package onto a baking sheet; bake for 20-30min at 375F, or until internal temperature reaches 165F. For the best result, turn the heat to 400F or 425F for the last 3-5 minutes.
  • Airfryer: Reduce the time accordingly.
* Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free.


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