About Us

What is GoFoodie?

GoFoodie curates and delivers freshly frozen, restaurant-prepared meals for you to enjoy at home.

No more rush-hour delays or lukewarm take-outs, or soggy packaging mishaps. Simply heat and enjoy. Effortless chef-prepared meals to be enjoyed where you’re most comfortable.

Why GoFoodie?

GoFoodie is more than a platform that brings flavours to your table. We actively support local restaurants by delivering their creations beyond their traditional delivery area.

If you have great food, we’ll share it with the world.

Support Local Restaurants

Frozen travels further. We source from small businesses, restaurants and chefs so they can focus on what they do best—creating amazing flavours. 

We’re constantly discovering hidden gems around the city to showcase to our ever-growing foodie crowd.

We believe in supporting, promoting and advocating for smaller restaurants within Toronto & the GTA, as well as benefiting you with hassle-free, chef prepared meals at home that will make your life easier — and tastier! 

Simple to order and with free delivery within 7 days, we can assure you that your fridge and freezer will be stocked with flavour packed meals for when hunger strikes! 

Give Back & Help Others. 

Every box contributes to helping the hungry both locally and abroad. GoFoodie donates a portion of the cost to provide a nutrient-rich meal to families in food-impoverished areas.