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Sashimi Grade Wild Yellowfin Tuna 10pk (45oz) Box

Sashimi Grade Wild Yellowfin Tuna 10pk (45oz) Box

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Tuna is a delicious & popular choice, naturally low in mercury, high in quality protein, and rich in Omega-3s. The fish has a medium to mild flavour with a firm texture. Perfect for sashimi, sushi, or poke bowls.

Each tuna steak is individually packed and vacuum sealed to ensure quality and convenience. 

What You Get: 
  • 10 pack/box
  • 4oz/pack
  • ~45oz per box
  • Skinless & Boneless

Cooking Instructions

KEEP FROZEN PRIOR TO USE. Do not refreeze after thaw, must remove from vacuum packaging before thawing, and thaw under a temperature less than 38ºF.

To enjoy as sashimi, slice each piece into 1/4 inch, rectangular slices. 

Mix soy sauce, wasabi and lemon juice for a delicious dipping sauce. The lemon juice is not traditional but it adds a nice tart flavour.

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