Santo Pecado® Tamales Kit (Chicken in Tomatillo Serrano Sauce)


SKU: PM1203 Santo Pecado

Made from organic corn masa, 100% gluten-free, wrapped in corn husks. Vacuum sealed, frozen, pack of six. 

Fillings: Chicken in tomatillo serrano sauce.

    Heating instructions from Chef Paola Solorzano

    Steaming. Place the tamales still wrapped in their husks in the steamer insert, add plenty of water to the steaming pot, and let them heat up for 10-12 mins. Carefully remove them from the steamer and let them rest for a couple of minutes before removing the corn husks. Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Pan-frying. Remove the husks and add a tsp of oil to a skillet, let it warm up. Place two or three tamales at a time, depending on the skillet’s size, and let them fry at medium temperature for about 3 minutes or until a crisp golden-brown texture has been achieved.  Flip them and repeat. Serve them with sour cream, extra salsa, and grated semi-hard cheese if desired. 

    Microwaving. With the husks still on, wrap four or five tamales with a damp, clean dishcloth and microwave in a microwave-safe dish with the lid loosely on top of the tamales for two-three minutes, depending on your microwave. Very carefully remove them from the oven, let them rest for a couple of minutes, unwrap, and serve.