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Organic Chicken Drumsticks 5pcs/pack

Organic Chicken Drumsticks 5pcs/pack

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Straight from Ontario-certified farms, these drumsticks are made from the chicken leg's lower leg, which extends from the knee to the ankle. They're ideal for grilling and eating with just your hands because it contains less meat than the thigh but a strong bone running through the centre. The dark flesh can be quite juicy and complements nearly every recipe. 

Each drumstick was hand-cut and air-chilled to ensure freshness and quality. Each pack of 5 drumsticks was individually packed and vacuum-sealed. 

A must-have in any respectable BBQ cook-out, now at even better prices!

What You Get:

  • 5 drumsticks per pack
  • Free range, all-natural and hormone-free, from Ontario-certified farms
  • Air-chilled, hand-cut
  • Individually packed and vacuum sealed

Cooking Suggestion

There are numerous cooking possibilities for this versatile cut: frying, baking, grilling, or tossing it into a slow cooker. I personally prefer to marinate the drumsticks in a brine (salt, pepper, garlic, ginger) before placing them on the grill or oven. 

Make sure to heat the internal temperature of the drumsticks to 165°F before savouring them, regardless of how you choose to prepare them.

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