Kingyo Izakaya® Plant-Based Tan Tan Ramen Kit - 2 Packs


SKU: PM1299 Kingyo Izakaya

This kit comes with vacuumed uncooked egg-free noodles, vacuumed toppings, and everything you need with instructions. Enjoy Kingyo's Vegetarian Tan Tan Noodles at home!

  • 640g/pack, 1 portion.
  • Shelf Life: 2 weeks frozen, 3 days after defrosted.
  • Cooking Instructions:   Before cooking, make sure your ramen kit is defrosted overnight (take all the toppings from the fridge and defrost at room temperature before start cooking). Boil water in large pot to cook noodles. Warm up the soup in a separate pot or microwave. Before boiling noodles, gently separate the noodles with hands and boil for 2 minutes. Please make sure to stir well while cooking. Drain the water thoroughly and add it into the soup.
  • Allergy Notes: Soy, Wheat, Dairy, Sesame and Cashew Nuts.