Heavenly Perogy® Vegan Perogy - 3 Packs


SKU: PM1221 Heavenly Perogy

The perogy is fully-cooked and frozen packed with 90 days shelf life in the freezer. 

Each pack contains 12 pieces of perogy. 

Heating instruction: Defrost

  • Frypan reheat: 5-7 mins until hot. Microwave reheat: 3 mins. Oven reheat: 350C around 12-15 mins.

Heating Instruction: Frozen

  • Oven reheat: 350C around 30-40 mins.

Sauerkraut and Mushroom Perogy

Ingredients: flour, sauerkraut, mushroom, onions, salt, vegetable oil, and spices.

Potato and Onion Perogy

Ingredients: flour, potato, yellow onion, salt, green onions, vegetable oil, and spices