Free Range Chicken Wings Split 10lb Box

Straight from Ontario-certified farms, These chickens are organic, GMO-free, and raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.

The wings are air-chilled and professionally hand-trimmed. Each pack of wings is individually packed and vacuum-sealed. 

Whether you prefer the wingette (also known as the flat) or the drumette, you're getting both in this box.  

What You Get:

  • ~9-10lb of wings per box
  • ~5-7 packs per box
  • Individually Vaccum Packed
  • All Natural, Hormone Free

Cooking suggestion

These are wonderful in the oven or on the grill, but we have found that air frying them is the simplest method. To ensure that they stay nice and crispy when cooking, only coat them with your favourite wing sauce AFTER they have been cooked. 

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