Chef Harwash ®Fresh Falafel Mixture


SKU: PM1303 Chef Harwash

Homemade ground chickpeas mixed with fresh veggies, herbs and spices. 
  • Photo is for demonstration purposes. Each pack includes only the Falafel mixture.
  • Shelf Life: 1 month - frozen, 1 week - refrigerated. 
  • Weight: 2 lb/pack, enough to make approx. 25 Falafel balls. Vegan.
  • Cooking Instructions: Defrost in room temperature, preheat the oil till the pan reaches 275F then use your hands to make falafel balls and toss them into the pan (they should be deep fried), remove them once the Falafel balls turn light brown.
  • Serving Suggestions: Grill the bread on both sides, add slices of tomatoes, parsley, thin lemon slices, fresh mint if desired, pickles and Tahini sauce. you mad add onion, turnip and lettuce.