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Carrot Orange with Guava

Carrot Orange with Guava

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Amazing in their own right carrot and oranges are full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. So, how do you elevate this duo to superstar status. Introduce them to Guava and make then a trio. One of the great superfruits guava, flavourful taste profile has been described as a cross between a strawberry and pear. It is a great source of polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) and flavonoid compounds and a single guava contains 4X more fiber than a pineapple and 4X more vitamin C than an orange. So how delicious is this trio? We'd say... it's like having VIP access at the city's hottest after hour spot or getting a surprise upgrade to first class, on an overnight flight to Europe. Yes, this juice tastes that good. It's actually better. It's amazing.

Carrot juice, Orange juice, Guava juice, Lemon juice.

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