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Beet Carrot with Lemon

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The beetroot went from humble origins in Roman times, to celebrity status when embraced by French chefs in the 1800's. Possibly because it boasts an impressive nutritional profile, containing almost all the fibre, vitamins and minerals that you need. Perhaps it was because of its versatility, the ability to transform it into a port-like wine or that it's a natural aphrodisiac. We'll just never know. Today beet juice is a favourite of competitive athletes after several studies suggested that dietary nitrates found in beets may enhance athletic performance and blood flow to the brain. So how do you dress up this down-to-earth superstar. We combine it with the bright, sweet and fresh flavours of golden carrots and fresh lime, for a deliciously flavourful blend that will win you over every time.

Sweet and earthy, Beet juice, Carrot juice, Lemon juice.