Ambiyan Indian Restaurant® Beef Vindaloo 450g


Ambiyan Restaurant

What You Get: 

  • Vindaloo is a south Indian recipe with masala, red chilies, vinegar and garlic. A favourite for spice lovers. Prepared with tender cubes of boneless beef.
  • 450g per pack.
  • Best for 90 days in the freezer.

Heating Instructions:

  • Thaw before heating.
  • In order to retain tenderness and flavours, it is recommended to heat on stove top on medium heat for 6-9 minutes until meat is heated, and sauce begins to bubble. Sauces thicken after freezing, so a small quantity (about 100 ml.) of hot water may be added to dish while stirring to retain original consistency. May be microwaved for 2-4 minutes on high.