Parka® Mushroom Gravy 8oz


SKU: PM1401 Parka

What You Get: 

  • The ultimate savoury, comforting sauce that brings you right back to those delicious holiday dinners.  Made from whole food, plant-based ingredients only, this vegan gravy is a must-have addition to all your comfort food meals and perfect for mashed potatoes, fries poutine, hot sandwiches, pot pies, fried steak, and just about anything you can think of.
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Shelf Life: 6 months frozen, 2 weeks refrigerated after defrosting.

Heating Instructions:

  • Serve warm/hot (recommended). Defrost in refrigerator before serving.  Heat in saucepan at medium heat until hot, stirring occasionally.


Organic Mushrooms, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Cornstarch, Vegetable Broth, Nutritional Yeast, Mustard Powder, Bay Leaves, Spices.

Plant-Based, Dairy-Free, Nuts-Free. Contains Soy.